My Things To Buy is a list of the categories of things you want to buy, such as Cars, Houses, etc.

Choose from dozens of categories, or add your own custom categories.
  Smart Buyer

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Smart Buyer is a powerful tool for collecting essential information on Items you wish to purchase such as houses, cars, trucks, boats, etc. Collected information includes name, year, price, mileage, location, contact info, photos, and notes. Smart Buyer provides 30 Item-to-Purchase Categories and gives the user the ability to add custom Item Categories.

In addition to general information on each item, Smart Buyer provides the ability to collect information on specific Features and to rate individual Features. Each Item Category includes at least 10 Features and Smart Buyer allows users to add custom Features. Rating individual Features allows for quick and direct comparison of one Item to another. This is a very powerful tool for the buying decision.

All the information collected, including all photos, can be emailed as a report. Individual photos can also be emailed.

To facilitate new users help information is provided on each view.

We welcome your questions and comments:

This is a list of items you'd like to buy in one particular category.

If the category is Houses, then you'll have all the houses you're interested in purchasing and can compare their star Ratings here.
This is where you enter details about a specific item you want to buy.

This is your item's list of Features that are important to your buying decision. You can choose from Features that are included in Smart Buyer, plus add your own custom Features.

Tap on a Feature to enter detailed information about it, and to give it a star Rating.

This is where you enter details of the Features of the items you'd like to buy. Tap on a feature to change its Name, include information on its Color/Pattern or Size, take Photos and enter Notes.

Rating each feature of an item, and doing so for each item in a category, allows you to quickly compare one item with another.

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