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Want to know the theoretical hull speed of your sailboat? Or how she stacks up against similar boats in various performance values? Then you need Sail Mate.

Sail Mate calculates theoretical hull speed and three performance related ratios based on LWL (Length on Water Line), LOD (Length On Deck), Beam, Sail Area, and Displacement. If you only want to know hull speed, then you just need to enter LWL.

Figure 1 shows the data entered for a boat with a water line length of 30 feet, length on deck of 40 feet, a beam of 13 feet, sail area of 800 square feet, and a displacement of 22,000 pounds. Figure 2 shows the metric equivalent of the numbers in Figure 1 by tapping the unit button. However, metric data could have been entered first. When you enter the data, make sure you have chosen the correct units first.

To calculate the performance values after entering the data, tap the Performance button. Figure 3 shows the Hull Speed in knots and the DISPLWL, SADISP, and BLOD performance values for the data entered in Figure 1. Tapping the Information button provides definitions of all the abbreviations used, as shown in Figure 4.

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