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RadioRedux is an iPad app that lets you play modern streaming radio on a variety of beautifully rendered radios from the golden age of product design. The seven 1940’s-era radio models included in RadioRedux will delight all, and vintage radio aficionados are sure to recognize these classic tabletop sets from makers like Emerson, Fada, Philco and others.

Turn the knobs just as you would on an old-fashioned radio!
The Volume knob turns the radio on with a click, the dial illuminates, and you’re ready to “tune in” your favorite stations. The Tuning knob moves the station indicator, and the blue tuning eye glows when you’ve found a station. You can switch between AM and FM with the Band knob.

RadioRedux comes loaded with over four hundred US radio stations playing more than forty different program formats. Customize your radio dial with just the stations you want, and change them as often as you like. Don’t see your favorite station? If you know the URL for its live stream, you can easily add it to your RadioRedux station list.

Coming Soon…
more US stations, Canadian stations and radio designs from the 1950’s—including a nifty clock radio!

Help Us Increase Our Radio Station Database!
Get credit for helping to make RadioRedux even better! If you know the streaming URL for any terrestrial broadcast radio station not in our current list, please send us an e-mail with the station call letters, frequency, program format, City and State, and URL. The station data on the RadioRedux server will be updated with your information. With your permission, your name will be included with the station information. To be compatible with the iPad, the URL must work in iTunes.

We welcome your questions and comments:

Do not play RadioRedux at a party if you do not want everyone there to touch your iPad!

How does RadioRedux work?

1940 Addision
1940 Mantola
1940 Emerson Patriot
1941 Emerson

1946 General Television   1946 Fada Streamliner   1948 Philco

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