Diner Jukebox

Diner Jukebox is back in the App Store!

The bugs were fixed and version 1.51 seems to be working well in iOS 6 and 7.

We love our Diner Jukebox fans, and appreciate your patience!

Diner Jukebox is a fun and visually appealing alternative interface for your iPod library on your iPad. Diner Jukebox gives you access to your entire iPod music library with an interactive graphic of an authentic looking 1950's-era 'Select-O-Matic' jukebox. Drop a virtual quarter in the jukebox and it illuminates, lets you flip through the pages to view your library, and plays your music (including your Playlists) using the same iPod search and play controls that you're used to.

Diner Jukebox has two operating modes:

All Play for a Quarter
lets you play your songs continuously, just like your iPod does.

3 Plays for a Quarter is special...it lets you create a one-time user queue just like a real jukebox does. Create mini 'playlists' on the fly by choosing 3 songs for every virtual quarter you drop (up to 12 songs at a time). When your songs have all played, the jukebox turns itself off.

Switch between All Play for a Quarter and 3 Plays for a Quarter by tapping the play mode indicator next to the coin slot.

New Free Feature! Get Music
lets you tap the Get Music button on the jukebox to list all the albums released by the artist currently playing. Tap an album in the list and you’re taken to iTunes, where you’ll see the songs on the album, and be allowed to make music purchases.

New Add-On Features! Soup up your Diner Jukebox by buying one or both of these fun add-ons:

Wurlitzer 5200 gives you a second beautiful jukebox model on which to play your music.

Wallpaper gives you dozens of retro-styled background images to place behind your jukebox.

Also Available... Diner Jukebox Lite lets you use a FREE version of the app. Diner Jukebox Lite does not include 3 Plays for a Quarter mode or Get Music, and it does run advertisements.  

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